23 May 2006

just follow the money ..... 

‘There's a story, perhaps apocryphal, that Pentagon planners wanted to name the invasion of Iraq, "Operation Iraqi Liberation." Only when someone realized that the acronym - OIL - might raise some uncomfortable questions, was "Operation Iraqi Freedom" born.

Supporters of the Iraq war airily dismiss chants of "no blood for oil" as a manifestation of the antiwar crowd's naïveté. They point out that Iraq's government still controls its oil and argue that we could have simply bought it on the open market.’

The Great Iraq Oil Grab

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tears of a somnolent majority ..... 

‘We have reached a deplorable state where an injured horse elicits a stronger response than a dead or maimed fellow American.

Recall for a moment the soldier cited in the film who lost both legs and an arm. He won’t ever again ride a bike as he did as an energetic young boy. He won’t be able to take leisurely evening strolls with his wife. He won’t be able to practice tackling or jump shooting with his son. And he won’t be able to walk his daughter down the aisle on the most important day of her life as he "hands" her off to the man of her dreams.

But in this case the dream our future bride will live with will be a nightmare - seeing her father suffer and struggle while remembering that her fellow Americans cried for a horse.’

Crying For A Horse

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