14 January 2006

the old reverse overhead unitary executive theory trick ..... 

‘2006 is sure to be the year of living dangerously - for the Bush administration and for the rest of us. In the wake of revelations of warrantless spying by the National Security Agency, we have already embarked on what looks distinctly like a constitutional crisis (which may not come to a full boil until 2007).

In the meantime, the President, Vice President, Secretaries of Defense and State, various lesser officials, crony appointees, acolytes, legal advisors, leftover neocons, spy-masters, strategists, spin doctors, ideologues, lobbyists, Republican Party officials, and congressional backers are intent on packing the Supreme Court with supporters of an "obscure philosophy" of unfettered Presidential power called "the unitary executive theory" and then foisting a virtual cult of the imperial presidency on the country.

On the other hand, as determined as this administration has been to impose its version of reality on us, the President faces a traffic jam of reality piling up in the environs of the White House.

The question is: How long will the omniscient and dominatrix-style fantasies of Bushworld, ranging from "complete victory" in Iraq to non-existent constitutional powers to ignore Congress, the courts, and treaties of every sort, triumph over the realities of the world the rest of humanity inhabits. Will an unconstrained presidency continue to grow - or not?’

The Year of Living Dangerously

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aw shucks, I was just playing god ..... 

‘Still, one thing that appears to be indisputable is that the NSA surveillance began well before 9/11 and months before President Bush claims Congress gave him the power to use military force against terrorist threats, which Bush says is why he believed he had the legal right to bypass the judicial process.

According to the online magazine Slate, an unnamed official in the telecom industry said NSA's "efforts to obtain call details go back to early 2001, predating the 9/11 attacks and the president's now celebrated secret executive order. The source reports that the NSA approached U.S. carriers and asked for their cooperation in a 'data-mining' operation, which might eventually cull 'millions' of individual calls and e-mails."’

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Before 9/11

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er, hello ..... ???? 

‘Declaring that the United States was at a crossroads in Iraq, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Thursday the time had come to withdraw US troops as fast as responsibly possible and to hand control of the country to Iraqis.

"Our nation's military forces should remain in Iraq only as long as it takes for a responsible transition, leaving sooner than later," said Bishop Thomas G. Wenski of Orlando, Fla., speaking for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Wenski, chairman of the bishops Committee on International Policy, said recent statements by the Bush administration that troop levels would be reduced were not enough. He said the US must send an unmistakable signal that the goal was not to occupy Iraq "for an indeterminate period," but to help Iraqis assume full control of their government.’

US Catholic Bishops: 'Bring Troops Home'

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yet another 'core' promise ..... 

Australia’s Donald Rumsfeld, Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Robert Hill, offered a pious rebuttal of Kim Beazley’s call last week for the withdrawal of Australian forces from Iraq (‘No Question Of Walking Away’, Herald, January 12).

Next to the UK, Australia was the most vocal supporter for the illegal war of aggression mounted by the US against Iraq, with Howard, Hill & Downer at times seeking to outdo each other with their hyperbole in support of the draft-dodging George Bush’s middle-east military adventure (two days before Hill’s piece was published, Lord Downer unpacked another of his shrill performances by declaring that pulling out of Iraq would be 'catastrophic').

Of course, the US-lead war & occupation of Iraq have also come to symbolize the all-consuming evil ‘war on terror’; the sole platform upon which the Howard government rests. Howard’s early discovery & astute use of the fear meme has been central to his ‘leadership’ success & to maintaining his government’s electoral advantage for years.

But, as everyone, except politicians, seems to understand, the wheel of fortune has a bad habit of turning, often severing the necks of those who were imprudent enough to stick them out the furthest.

And the wheel of fortune is turning ……

With ‘Bomber’ Beazley finally seeming to be ready to declare Labour’s own ‘phoney war’ with the government over, the benign picture of the situation in Iraq painted by Hill is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, whilst the difficulty confronted by the ‘coalition of the willing’ in trying to work out how to extract itself from the disastrous mess is matched only by scale of the problems it has created.

As the toll of dead & injured US military personnel continues to mount (2,200 dead & 16,000 wounded), so to does the financial cost of George Bush’s criminal adventure: officially US$232 billion & rising rapidly, with latest estimates suggesting that the ultimate long-term cost to US taxpayers will likely run to US$2 trillion - The Cost of The War.

In the face of these horrific numbers; the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians; the torture; the looting; the criminal lies & deceit, US public support for its ongoing involvement in Iraq has all but evaporated.

Of course, Bush has responded to this profound threat to his Presidency by, on the one hand, stubbornly insisting that the US ‘will stay the course’ in Iraq (hypocritically feigning a noble commitment to the country he has helped to all but destroy) whilst, on the other, preparing to wind-back the presence of US ground forces, whilst significantly increasing air operations - The New Iraq War Strategy

As to the Bush administration’s boast that it would build a model of ‘freedom & democracy’ in Iraq, more than 80% of the US$18.2 billion originally allocated for Iraqi reconstruction has been expended. And the US administration has now decided that no further funds will be allocated, whilst blithely suggesting that future reconstruction will have to be funded by Iraq itself or through aid provided by other countries - US Has End in Sight on Iraq Rebuilding.

Fat chance Lois.

Prior to the Gulf War, Iraq produced 3.5 million barrels of oil per day, with oil sales of US$7 billion accounting for 60% of the country’s GDP & almost all its foreign exchange earnings.

During the 90’s, oil production declined markedly to around 2 million barrels a day, largely due to the inability of Hussein’s regime to maintain its oil field infrastructure in the face of the US inspired trade boycott.

Whilst Iraq’s GDP has risen significantly in recent years, oil production has actually declined even further to around 1.3 million barrels per day.

On top of its foreign debt of at least US$120 billion, Iraq still owes US$100 billion in compensation awarded against it after the 1st Gulf War, whilst a further claim from Iran of up to US$100 billion could yet emerge as a consequence of the Iraq / Iran War, dating back to the 1980’s.

Buried under debt, with any increase in oil revenues & foreign exchange earnings unlikely in the short to medium term, Iraq simply doesn’t have the capacity to fund its own reconstruction & will be condemned to the status of a 3rd world country, with its wealth misappropriated by its western liberators.

Iraq has 79 known oil wells, of which only 17 have ever been brought to production. It has the 3rd largest proven reserves in the world.

In the past few weeks, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister, the great thief & liar who provided the US with so much of the false ‘intelligence’ it used to justify its illegal invasion, Ahmed Chalabi, was appointed Oil Minister.

Chalabi’s primary task will be to oversee the misappropriation of the 62 oil fields not yet brought to production to British & US oil companies, thereby ensuring their further enrichment at the expense of Iraq’s 26 million people.

In 1944, at the height of the 2nd world war, the British & US airforces dropped an average of 2,500 tons of bombs per day on Germany. During the 43 day Gulf War, the US dropped an average of 3,250 tons of bombs per day on Iraq.

Consistent with its refusal to account for Iraqi casualties, the ‘coalition of the willing’ also refuses to confirm the bomb tonnage dropped on Iraq during the 2003 invasion or since, however, given that bombing targets were deliberately not restricted to military installations or forces, the brutal reality of the impact of the coalition’s ‘shock & awe’ campaign can only be imagined.

The reality is that Iraq’s infrastructure, with the exception of its precious, US-guarded oil fields, has been systematically destroyed over the past 15 years.

Under the circumstances, Senator Hill’s take on the reconstruction of Iraq are surreal:

“Australia has made a significant contribution to rebuilding Iraq and will continue to support this new democracy until it can assume responsibility for its own national security.

On December 30, a 20-strong specialist medical contingent returned after completing its mission at a coalition medical facility north of Baghdad. At the same time the air-traffic control contingent returned after completing its job at Balad air base. In August one of Australia's military training teams, which trained the new Iraqi army in logistics operations, completed its mission and came home.

The task group is also carrying out its own community reconstruction projects to improve the quality of life of people in the province.

These projects have included the building of medical facilities and community centres, installing powerlines and water irrigation pumps, waste water treatment and veterinary services. The Australian Defence Force will continue to work with the community to identify more projects and will use local labour to directly benefit the regional economy. This also is important work.”

To put paid to Hill’s claims, it is only necessary to refer to the 2004 study undertaken by the United Nations Development Program (titled "Iraq Living Conditions Survey 2004,"), which found that the people of Iraq enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the middle-east prior to 1991.

At that time, Iraq boasted a modern social infrastructure, with 1st class health-care & education systems; a modern sanitary infrastructure, with an extensive network of water purification & sewage treatment systems. In 1990, Iraq was ranked 50th out of 130 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index, which measures national achievements in health, education & per capita GDP.

In savage contrast, the UNDP study found that life in Iraq has decayed significantly since the 2003 invasion & occupation, with Iraq today ranked 127 on the Human Development Index, having experienced one of the most dramatic declines in human welfare in recent history.

Whilst Senator Hill might like us to think that life in Iraq today is all ‘peaches & cream’, the UNDP study reveals that Iraqi civilians, mostly children, have suffered from lack of health care & adequate nutrition, with 23% under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition, 12% suffer from general malnutrition & 8 % suffer acute malnutrition.

The Iraqi minister of health claims that 100 percent of the hospitals in Iraq need rehabilitation, with current major problems including a lack of health personnel; a lack of medicines; non-functioning medical equipments & destroyed hospitals & health centres.

Add to these tragic facts the reality that only 54% of households have access to a ‘safe & stable’ supply of drinking water (only 20% in rural areas); whilst 98% of households are connected to the electrical grid, 78% experience severe ongoing disruptions to supply, such that a 1/3rd of households rely on generators, usually shared with neighbours & unemployment is running close to 70%.

Given the proclivity of the Howard government to claim criticisms of its Defence & Foreign policies are implicit criticisms of Australia’s Armed Forces, it is important to acknowledge the contribution being made by our 2,000 person team, even though it is miniscule against the size of the task & notwithstanding that it is only necessary because of the Howard government’s criminal deceit.

It would be equally unreasonable to focus criticism for Australia’s corrupt foreign policy solely on Senator Hill. The fact of the matter is that it is the entire Howard government that is guilty of making Australia a party to the ultimate war crime – a crime against peace.

Indeed, neither John Howard nor Alexander Downer have yet denied that their government deliberately involved Australia in the US-lead war of aggression, knowing, as the secret Downing Street Memo revealed, that its alleged justification for the war (that Iraq possessed WMDs) was a complete fabrication.

But Hill is the author of this piece & it is Hill who persists in mouthing the Howard government’s most craven lies to the Australian people:

“It is at the request of the Iraqi Government and with the support of the United Nations Security Council.

If the multinational force withdraws prematurely and the terrorists win, that will provide a great boost to international terrorism. This is why an arbitrary timetable for withdrawal, as suggested by Labor, is so dangerous.

Australia is, in fact, contributing to its own security by its presence in Iraq, and it is assisting the Iraqi people towards a stable and better future.”

The truth is that the Howard government wilfully & dishonestly engineered Australia’s shameful participation in an illegal war of aggression against another foreign state: a breach of International Law.

The truth is that the so-called “request” by the Iraqi government for Australia to remain in Iraq comes from the illegitimate puppet government installed by the coalition of the willing, after it had deposed the legal government by force of arms.

The truth is, as the US 911 Commission Report itself acknowledged, there were never any ‘connections’ between terrorist organizations & Saddam Hussein’s government. The obscene carnage & destruction wrought on Iraq, coupled with its ongoing military occupation, has spawned a savage insurrection by the Iraqi people.

Surely it is only in the feeble & corrupt minds of Bush, Blair, Howard & their acolytes that the notion that people struggling for their freedom under military occupation & oppression are ‘terrorists’?

The truth is that the US, Great Britain & Australia have waged an illegal war of aggression against Iraq & in the process have rendered the country almost uninhabitable. Contrary to Hill’s claim, our participation in this evil enterprise has only contributed to a loss of security for our country & its citizens.

Senator Hill has been in Parliament for 25 years & has been Minister for Defence for the past 4 years.

Whilst his tenure in the Defence portfolio has been relatively short, it has been very eventful & it is arguable that he has been somewhat accident prone.

Apart from having to juggle the consequences of the government’s disastrous foreign policy blunder over Iraq, Hill has had to deal with a good many other Defence scandals.

These include the institutionalized victimization of defence force personnel; the politicization & subsequent deterioration of Australia’s defence intelligence capability; significant mismanagement of defence procurement contracts, including the Collins submarine, Seasprite helicopter, the FFG frigates etc; repercussions from the ‘children overboard’ affair, significant defence performance issues, including equipment failure & substandard service arrangements; commercial theft & dishonesty & questionnable defence procurement practices.

In addition, Hill has persisted with the government’s refusal to publicly air details of 7 year-old allegations of torture & murder made against members of the ADF in East Timor; nor to provide information on the progress of what must be one of the longest running investigations in Australian history - In Search Of Yani Ndun Webdiary.

Persistent rumours have it that Hill is considering retiring from Parliament & will presently advise John Howard of his intentions in that regard. Whilst Hill’s ambitions beyond Parliament have not been publicly canvassed, he is doubtless very keen to protect his reputation.

Whatever the future holds for Hill, the Defence portfolio is almost certain to prove to be a poison chalice for his successor & not just because of the position that the government has painted itself into over Iraq.

The Howard government has managed to survive for 10 years due to its singular determination to lie & deceive wherever & whenever it proved necessary or expedient to protect its political interests but, like Senator Hill, it is fast reaching its use-by-date.

It is a sad irony that both the people of Iraq & Australia will have been significantly diminished in the process.

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so much for the value of procedures ..... 

‘An internal review by the Metropolitan Police has found two officers followed correct procedures when they shot dead the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes at a Tube station, it emerged yesterday.’

Tube Shooting: Police Officers Cleared By Internal Met Inquiry

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12 January 2006

update on pilgrims' progress ..... 

‘Violence in America is today a manifestation of our society and history, of a never ending thirst for blood, conquest, oppression and death that sprung from the first moment of Puritan arrival. Before and after the Revolutionary war Americans participated in one of the greatest acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing the world has ever witnessed. Millions upon millions of native Indians were slaughtered, raped and cleansed from the lands of North America. Manifest destiny ransacked from Atlantic to Pacific like a devastating hurricane, destroying everything native people thought precious and sacred. Wars against native populations extinguishing the energies of men, women, children and elderly alike.

The American thirst for violence had been born.

The addiction for blood would become insatiable and never ending.’

Of The Evil Empire

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11 January 2006

the best government money can buy ..... 

‘Most Americans believe that corruption in Congress is widespread, and even larger majorities support far-reaching reforms that would effectively end lobbying as it is currently practiced on Capitol Hill, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.’

Most See Evidence of Wider Problem

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the elephant in the corner ..... 

‘This week, we thrill to the domestic media’s continuing obsession with a dozen unnecessary deaths in West Virginia. We admire the mainstream media’s noble determination to get to the bottom of the accident and we happily rush to blame and berate Big Coal.

If only this heartfelt reaction and media diligence could be directed at the elephant in the corner, the immovable field of funerary and wrongheaded foreign policies called Big Iraq.’

Karen Kwiatkowski: Without Reservation

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10 January 2006

spinning the spin ..... 

It would be tempting to dismiss Neil Brown’s ranting Opinion piece as illogical puffery (‘Ruthlessness In Pursuit Of Terrorism Is No Crime’, The Australian, January 9), were it not for the fact that it acts to promote a number of deceitful & dangerous fictions, whilst being afforded prominent & unjustified exposure in our community.

Essentially Brown argues that the US & its allies, including Australia, need to free of any moral & legal constraints & totally ruthless in their prosecution of the alleged “endless war on terror”.

Brown attempts to construct a justification for his argument by lasciviously unpacking a series of bloodthirsty & extreme views allegedly posited by Winston Churchill in prosecuting the war against Nazi Germany, as reported in just released cabinet minutes.

He then asserts that it was only the adoption of such ruthless tactics that secured victory in that war for the allies & therefore, if the world is to secure victory in its war on terror, it must adopt the same terms of engagement.

Having devoted nearly half his piece to lionising Churchill for his bloodthirsty views, Brown then says: ‘In today's way of looking at things, Churchill would be expected to comply with "moral and legal considerations", be hamstrung as a result and eventually be beaten by Germany.’

How absurd.

For those who might have missed it, including Brown, Germany was defeated &, as Brown himself acknowledges, Churchill’s extreme policies were never actually enacted & therefore played no part in the allied victory.

But that’s OK: Brown’s already constructed his argument – the end justifies the means – illogical as it is: he’s on a roll & its time to convince us that there we still have a soft underbelly in our society that acts to impede our victory in the war on terror.

And what is our soft underbelly?

In a nutshell, it’s our soft treatment of terrorists; our refusal to jettison legal & human rights; our failure to embrace the dark art of torture & our refusal to accept that our political leaders should be above the law, including International Law.

Whilst Brown argues that it is this soft underbelly that threatens to deny us victory in the war on terror, he ignores the fact that the US & its allies have prosecuted the war on terror for four (4) years, using any & all means at their disposal to secure victory.

Unlike his great exemplar, Winston Churchill, the coalition of the willing has not been constrained at all. Quite to the contrary, it has operated with a mandate based purely on overwhelming brute force – ‘shock & awe no less’ - & has completely ignored the niceties of International Laws & Conventions.

It has committed the highest war crime – a crime against peace – by waging an illegal war of aggression against & occupying the sovereign nation of Iraq: a country that played no part in the obscene terrorist attack against the US on 911.

As the ‘leader’ of the coalition, the US in particular has abandoned the rule of law: suspending the application of the Geneva Conventions, trashing the Torture Convention & refusing to support the International Court of Justice.

Along the way, the US has abused the sovereign rights of many other nations in carrying-out the kidnapping & rendering of terrorist suspects to 3rd countries, where they are held indefinitely without charge; interrogated, frequently tortured & on numerous occasions, murdered.

Both the US & Great Britain hold terrorist ‘suspects’ without charge; denying them access to legal representation; the right to confront their accusers & the right to due process. More than 500 such ‘suspects’ have been held at Guantanamo Bay for more than four (4) years, with only ten (10) having been charged with any offence.

And if this is not enough, our political leaders have acted to diminish the legal & human rights of their own citizens by extending the powers of the Police, Intelligence Agencies & even the Military in domestic situations, by introducing laws that permit secret searches; questioning on suspicion; detention without charge or reason; denial of legal representation & denial of the right not to self-incriminate or to refuse to answer questions.

Contrary to Brown’s arguments, it would seem that our political leaders have already usurped & used all the powers that Winston Churchill might have wished for, notwithstanding voices in opposition.

Instead of whinging about not being able to get the job done & acting as an apologist for our warrior politicians, perhaps Neil Brown should be asking them to explain why, unlike Churchill, they haven’t got the job done?

And perhaps they could start by telling us why Usama bin Laden is still free?

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yet another call to impeach blair ..... 

‘A leading British Army officer believes Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached for his role in the war in Iraq, the Mail on Sunday reported.

General Sir Michael Rose, a former UN commander in Bosnia, was quoted by the right-of-centre Mail on Sunday as saying: “I think the politicians should be held to account ... my view is that Blair should be impeached.”

“That would prevent the politicians treating quite so carelessly the subject of taking a country into war,” he added. A high-profile resignation of a senior armed forces officer before the start of the March 2003 conflict may also have made the British government think twice before sending troops to the Gulf, he added. “I would not have gone to war on such flimsy grounds,” he stated.’

Top Army Man Wants Blair Impeached

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