07 December 2006

Where is The Flea? 

Truth is, I got tired of "preaching to the converted". The Flea retired and has taken up meditation. Too many photos of dead babies. Too many lies and too many people biting, hook like and singer, into the lies.

The Democrats have the ball but it is so hard to tell any difference, other than two falls from grace.

The mad man in the whitehouse still hold the leash to his lap dog little johnny and David Hicks still sits in gitmo.

The mind can only see so much before it becomes jaded. When the tears stop wanting to flow it is time to pull back and renew ones capasity for compassion.

Have I given up the fight for truth, justice and the great Australian Dream? Heck no. But I found there are other issues closer to home where I can make a difference.

Thanks for allowing me to be the Flea.

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