21 March 2005

.....let the poor woman die in peace.. 

By Katherine Juestel

The issue of Terri Schiavo, and the controversy surrounding her fate, has taken some rather disturbing turns. It has now gone so far as to "inspire" the Whitehouse controlled Congress to blunder in where it has no business treading.

What continues to amaze me is the ARROGANCE of ganging up on people and interfering in peoples grief and personal lives. Congress has no place in this case, or any other like it. The constitution provides for a distinct separation of the powers of the Judicial and the Legislative. Judges have ruled over and over again that this poor woman should be allowed to die with dignity. First they took the dignity by plastering her wretchedness all over the media, and now they wish to take what rights she has left by over stepping their own boundaries. It is quite evident that the Neo-Con controlled Congress has no intentions of following any Constitutional law, but are quickly rewriting the law to suit themselves, and to hell with the Constitution.

Right now there is a budget in congress designed to cut funds for medical care to poor and disabled and elderly. The cost of keeping this poor woman "alive" could provide the funds for many people's shorter term optimistic care. These people base their arguments on a possible miracle intervention by God. Not on any other bases. This is the only way this poor woman will ever have any life.

Let them hold their healing service, they do it all the time. Millions of faith based Right to Lifers, and Bush Lemmings, should have a huge nation wide prayer service and see if they get that miraculous healing. If they do, then we can all sit back and shut up and let them have their glory. If not, then it is a HUGE demonstration that they are all on the wrong track. Maybe it would be a wake up call. Let them put their "faith" where their mouths are.

I wonder if any of the "keep her alive" bunch have donated any cash to her care?

All of the nice Rapture people who want to see this poor brain dead woman kept alive forever, and all of the brain dead GOP congress persons who are sticking their nose in where it does not belong, I offer you a challenge:

Hold a mass "healing" service for this woman. If she gets up and walks, talks, and can wipe her own arse, then you are all right and I, for one, will shut my mouth.

If, on the other hand, she still can not do anything more than cost her family, the medical system, and her insurance company hundreds of thousands in care, let the poor woman die in peace..

Fair enough?


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