05 February 2005

Bush’s Lips Are Moving – He Must be Lying 

February 4, 2005

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by Jimmy Lohman

I didn’t watch the speech but I did catch a glimpse of President Bush’s lips moving, so I was sure of one thing: he was lying.

Bush is incapable of telling the truth. He has lied to us about absolutely everything. He said he didn’t know Ken Lay, CEO of Enron, the guy who stole the life savings of thousands of workers and investors, but it turned out Lay was his close friend and one of his most trusted long-time fundraisers.

He promised he would be a "president of all the people" – not just of those who voted for him, but despite losing the popular vote in 2000, Bush shunned and turned his back on the majority of Americans – those who voted against him.

He lied about the reason for the $200 billion war in Iraq, claiming first that invading that small country was necessary to save us from weapons of mass destruction. Two years later, it turned out no such weapons existed. He told us our national security depended on toppling Saddam Hussein because Hussein was in bed with Al Qaeda and thus had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. That, too, turned out to be a lie, though it was repeated regularly by Dick Cheney en route to stealing another presidential election.

After 117 U.S. service people had died in Iraq, and 600 were wounded, Bush strutted onto an aircraft carrier all puffed up in ill-fitting battle regalia and announced with a pathologically straight face: "Mission Accomplished." Since then, 1300 more troops have died and 10,000 more have been wounded. He told us the troops would be home in 2005, but now they are saying it will be more like 2015. He told us the torture of POW’s in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo were isolated incidents committed by a mere handful of loose cannons, that such measures were not approved on high. It turned out the notorious torture that has brought incalculable disgrace to our contry was approved by Bush’s Secretary of Defense and his Attorney Generals past and future.

Bush promised he would run a budget deficit that would be "small and short term," but in his first four years he squandered budget surpluses and ran up the biggest deficit in history. He lied about Republican tax cuts and about who really benefits from them. He claimed that the bulk of the benefits go to the middle and working classes when in fact most of his "tax relief" goes to the wealthiest Americans.

He lied about education funding and his bogus "No Child Left Behind" scheme for undermining public education, and he misrepresented the "Texas miracle," a shell game invented by his Secretary of Education to make test scores look better than they really are. He lied about environmental protection and the damaging effects his relaxation of clean air and water standards would have on the quality of those precious and vital resources. He lied about global warming, claiming there is no evidence it poses any threat.

He lies about anything and everything. Why, then, should anyone believe what he tells us about the need to "reform" social security?


Jimmy Lohman is a human rights lawyer and musician in Austin, Texas. He is also the author of "An Open Letter to My Pro-Bush Brother-in-Law," which BuzzFlash ran on May 19, 2004.

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02 February 2005

BushCo's Motto 

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The Cornell Daily Sun.

Brutal Honesty
January 31, 2005
Jeff Purcell

Our intrepid president has chosen another word from the shelf of unimpeachables and threatens to render it a bromide. The very meaning of freedom, like compassion and the Geneva Conventions, is under attack from BushCo.

Using the word 27 times in his inaugural, BushCo's CEO hopes to bludgeon us semantically. Thankfully, for the thousands threatened with tear gas while he uttered that word, the millions relegated to second-class citizenship due to his "moral values" and the plurality of Iraqis who are certain that America is only interested in oil, repetition is insufficient to overturn reality. For the members of the world community repulsed by the destruction of the Fallujah General Hospital in the days preceding the third demolition of that city, Bush's decision to pound freedom is disgusting. Regarding recent attempts to bait and switch, Chomsky writes "those at the wrong end of the club ... have a clearer picture of reality than those who wield it."

Freedom, the new policy flypaper, is Bush's catchall for what we are, what they hate and "on the march." Indeed, the words of anti-war activists reach deaf ears in Iraq -- none are closer to reality than those at the receiving end of a liberating Daisy Cutter. Even Marines, like Pennsylvanian Mike Hoffman, are not fooled. So disillusioned was Hoffman after fighting "the average Iraqi citizens ... occupied, and want[ing] their freedom back," that he founded Iraqi Veterans Against the War after his time as a liberator, an organization neither saluted nor honored at any of the Inaugural Galas honoring service and celebrating freedom.

Much like Bush's previous language-abuse, the new campaign for freedom is all marketing. The new doctrine is not so doctrinal at all; it is pure falsity that a newly "free" Iraq is anything but an occupied colony hosting sham elections. Rather, the Freedom Doctrine is BushCo's new motto designed as a foil for its actual pursuits.

Freedom Bush-style is indifference and selfishness at the level of shock + awe, where the only concern is the profit margin. BushCo's co-propagandists, ABC & GE, can only laud a rising tide of freedom, but their complicity speaks to their awareness. BushCo's recipe for the F-word is more neo-liberal than neo-con, a blend of free markets, minute governments and a fully privatized world. The sale of the Middle East becomes more important than the Middle East itself; the transaction costs are hidden by the free press so that Enduring and Iraqi Freedom can come to market as scheduled. Saving the liberty to contract from any interference, Bush's freedom functions more to secure oil wells in Iraq than to actually establish a rule of law based on personal liberty. Only by living under a rock could any American be unaware that the last action of the Coalition Provisional Government was to privatize every drop of Iraqi oil for foreign ownership. For Iraqis, fighting that act of piracy wins the "terrorist" tar.

Freedom is the widespread disassembly of the state across the globe. Consumers and producers in the "free market" dealing and wheeling absent any form of regulation. It's no wonder that Bush's wet freedom dream in Iraq required the sale of Iraqi resources to foreign companies. Halliburton and Bechtel are grabbing the profit while GIs guard convoys, but the free market is, of course, free, and thus sanctioned by this new brand of liberation theology.

Domestically, freedom follows Bush's push to privatize social security -- a move the IMF has wanted for years -- so far that it will soon be labeled fiscal liberation. Within the ownership society, everything is someone's. Community disappears and the freedom to contract triumphs.

FDR was also fond of the F-word, but his was a different world. He spoke of the freedom to worship and speak freely, and to live without want and fear. In Bushworld, the obligation of Americans to sign loyalty oaths before entering Bush/Cheney rallies does not impugn the concept of Freedom, while certainly it would stink to high heaven in FDR's mind.

Bush wants freedom from Roosevelt's freedoms. FDR spoke of the freedom from fear as a requirement for a healthy and strong democracy "which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor -- anywhere in the world."

But in Bush's free world, all that matters is the individual armed to the teeth with threats of sanctions, bunker busters and first-strike wars. Bush once claimed Jesus as his favorite political philosopher. Though the Gospels relating to poverty, excessive wealth, torture and napalm somehow eluded his close reading of the Bible, Bush's recent pontifications at the altar of freedom reveal his renewed interest in the subject.

Ayn Rand's pseudo-doctrine of "me me me" epitomizes BushCo's free world. Conventions, restrictions, laws, morality and even decency fall to the wayside in pursuit of absolute freedom -- the right to put myself first and knock skulls en route. To torture, to raze hospitals for fear that they will accurately publicize casualty data during an invasion -- these are the ways of both Howard Roark and George Bush.

Ownership. Privatized. Always implicitly contrasted to the old Cold War Evil Empire (freedom-haters) and the new bugaboo (freedom-haters who exploit the Qu'ran), freedom-lovers are marching away with the language toward Galt's Gulch. Get on the same page or you're aiding the terrorists. Use the F-word to explain how freedom in Iraq does not contradict illegal detentions at home. The hypocrisy of domestic tax cuts here and Bechtel booming internationally every time we detonate a bridge is muted with the F-word's inexcusable inundation by the "free press."

The man's 27th call for freedom has proven Orwell and Hoffman. Ignorance is strength. And "repetition is true."

Jeff Purcell is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He can be contacted at jlp56@cornell.edu. Brutal Honesty appears Mondays at The Cornell Daily Sun.

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