11 December 2004

"I Know Who I Am, and Who I May Be, If I Choose" 

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"I Know Who I Am, and Who I May Be, If I Choose"
~~"The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha" by Miguel Cervantes

By Sheila Samples

12/09/04 "ICH" --

"Sir, in regard to --"

"Who're you talkin' to?"

It was just a split second -- a collective intake of breath -- but reporters genuflecting before George Bush last April at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina, got the message. They got it, as Bush likes to say -- loud and clear. From that point on, it was...

"Mr. President --"

Watching the media herd jostle to gain the attention of the ill-natured and juvenile "Mr. President," it was difficult to discern which was more pathetic -- an unprofessional Bush delighting in forcing a reporter to grovel for access to his wondrous self, or a professional journalist allowing himself to be called "Stretch" while eagerly groveling.

The US media long ago abdicated their charter, that of being vigilant watchdogs over those in power, and of serving as honest brokers and trustees of the public interest. Walter Williams, University of Missouri's first Journalism Dean, addressed this a century ago in his Journalist's Creed wherein he wrote, http://www.mdn.org/jschool/creed.htm "Acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust."

Unfortunately, Williams did not foresee a need for having a watchdog over the watchdog. He believed -- as did so many of us who emerged from Journalism classes wide-eyed and bristling with determination to fall on our ethical swords to protect the U.S. Constitution against all comers -- that journalists inherently had the integrity to police themselves, and any imposed control would be an insult to the profession...

But while we weren't looking, the watchdogs over those in power somehow became those in power. To today's media Goliaths, "public service" is whatever it takes to ramp up ratings and corporte profits. They apparently have no qualms about circling their wagons around such a woeful failure as George Bush because he brings home their bacon -- or he fronts for the guys who do. To those CEOs who now own the mainstream media, biting the hand that feeds them would be the ultimate betrayal.

Given his reality-challenged "vision" of ridding the entire world of evil and riding shotgun for God by personally delivering the gift of freedom to the few who remain, one has only to look at the clueless, "look ma -- no hands" Bush to suspect that making this guy look presidential -- or even remotely sane -- can be a chore. It's work. Hard work. Really hard worky work...

The media appear to be dug in too deep to back out now. Although the hole they're in is scandalously deep and wide, they have no choice. They must keep digging. And digging. They're forced to save Bush's backside in order to save their own, else how will they explain at this late date their covering up the lies of a man-child who delights in being an international bully -- who applauds himself for irrationally "seizing opportunities" to decide the fate of the entire human race, no matter how much devastation he leaves in his wake? How else can they defend hiding from the public a monster-child teetering atop a mountain of body bags containing the remains of almost 1,300 US citizens -- arrogantly braying he "would do it all over again" if he had the chance?

The problem is not just with the fawning dogs in the media. The rest of us are also to blame -- people who choose to remain silent while hoping someone else will stop the madness -- the jackasses in Congress who trot out the theory that backing down, "swallowing their pride" and moving to the middle will somehow garner them presidential favors. As Erasmus pointed out in The Praise of Folly, "What is more courteous than the way two mules scratch each other?"

Americans steadfastly refuse to notice the massacres ordered by a mad commander-in-chief and carried out by a berserk defense secretary, even as their fellow citizens are blown to bits in the process, and innocent men, women and children are gunned down in cold blood as they try to flee the carnage.

No one even blinked when Fox News military "analyst," retired Lieutenant General Tom Mc Inerney recently diagnosed what our mission in Fallajua should be -- "We must be ruthless, especially in the area of collateral damage," he said self-righteously. "We shouldn't be concerned about collateral damage. All the good civilians are gone. If we must make Falluja Carthage, then let's make Falluja Carthage..."

It appears that truth can no longer be discerned by looking at things as they really are, but only through hysterical punditry wherein the most shocking and usually the loudest "opinion" wins. Those few who dare to speak out against war crimes committed in their name are accused of being unpatriotic -- of not supporting the troops, even as their continued silence ensures that more Americans are injured, maimed and slaughtered each day. The "troops" are dying because the silence imposed by "Mr. President" and his attendant media courtiers condemns them to death.

Bush's pre-puberty vision is one of uberhuman heroes and knights whose power comes from a higher realm, and it is far more colorful and exciting for the media to sell than the more mundane scenario requiring reason and ulitity. If you think about it, "Mr. President" is little more than a deadly Don Quixote who, upon seeing a cluster of windmills, cried to his squire...

"Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we could have wished; for you see there before you friend Sancho Panza, some thirty or more lawless giants with whom I mean to do battle. I shall deprive them of their lives, and with the spoils from this encounter we shall begin to enrich ourselves; for this is righteous warfare, and it is a great service to God to remove so accursed a breed from the face of the earth."

As Cervantes said of his ludicrous hero -- "The encounters between the ordinary world and Don Quixote are encounters between the world of reality and that of illusion, between reason and imagination..." Cervantes explained that Quixote got away with it because "There is a powerfully imposing quality about Quixote's insanity; his madness always had method, a commanding persistence and coherence. He makes us feel a sense of inevitability beause of the spectacle of remaining so unflinchingly faithful to his own vision..."

Like Quixoe, it matters not a whit to Bush that he is perceived as crude and uncouth, or that his actions are condemned by thinking people throughout the world. What, after all, can they do to him? As "Mr. President," Bush revels in being master of the universe -- incapable of making mistakes -- scorning those who would hold him accountable. He has set himself, not only above, but outside the law. If Bush is capable of feeling shame, he is far more capable of shrugging it off. No problem there.

Unfortunately, there is no corner of the universe beyond America's borders where Bush is welcome. The US media blacks out the hundreds, thousands -- tens of thousands -- of enraged world citizens who turn out en masse, armed with insulting placards, to protest his setting foot on their soil. Bush was literally chased out of Ireland in July by cranky citizens and by rogue Irish journalists who fell off-script to ask him why he thought he was so unpopular throughout Europe, and his trip to Canada last month was beset with rumors of his possibly being indicted for war crimes if he ventured near Ottawa...

Why do they hate him? Bush boasts it's because of his freedom -- and he's right. Because of his freedom to destroy homes, cities, entire nations -- his freedom to bring death and destruction to terrified civilians -- and his freedom to seize and occupy whomever and whatever he wants -- whenever he wants.

They hate him because of the mangled wreckage he leaves in his wake, such as demanding that homes and businesses along a route he was to travel in Nigeria last year be bulldozed so that his vision would not be impaired by the plight of the poor. They hate him because, while Nigerian residents watched in despair as all they owned was destroyed, he spent 15 minutes in Uganda staring vacantly at children infected with AIDS, promising billions of US dollars that, just hours before, his Republican minions in Congress had voted to seriously curtail...

The silence of the media about the demands their president makes on other nations is deafening. The boorish audacity of first demanding to address the European Parliament in the lead-up to the Iraqi invasion and then refusing to do so unless they promised him a standing ovation and guaranteed there would be no protests or heckling was completely ignored by the US media, as was his recent opting out of addressing the Canadian Parliament for the same reasons.

Cervantes would be green with envy at the clash between illusion and reality that played out during Bush's London visit in November, 2003. Although the Queen refused, Bush demanded that Buckingham Palace be renovated http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/11/16/nbush16.xml to include "bomb and airborne assault proofing" as well as blast and bullet-proof windows and curtains.

Bush arrived with a protection squad of nearly 700 to bolster the 5,000 British boots on the ground, 100 journalists, a personal chef, a food taster, four cooks, medics and a 15-strong sniffer dog team. Special agents and snipers were ordered to "shoot to kill" protesters who got out of line. The giant windmills in London whirled so threateningly that Bush and his journalists were in virtual lockdown at Buckingham, which is probably why there were no "public interest" articles written about this fiasco. When the Blackhawks finally whisked them away, the Queen's prized, century-old rose garden was stomped and shredded beyond repair.

Why do they hate him? Don't even ask...

The silence of the media makes them willing participants in Bush's ghoulish slapstick-comedy worldwide crusade. Likewise, Americans who remain silent are enablers who encourage him to go unhindered, splurging his political capital on a bloody, open-ended genocidal spree.

Perhaps if we all chant and cheer and applaud Bush loudly enough -- if we stand, arms aloft http://slate.msn.com/id/2108852 and recite "The Bush Pledge," we won't feel the disgrace and shame we so richly deserve.

Perhaps we won't hear the scornful hisses of the rest of the world...

Ain't that right, "Mr. President"?

Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma freelance writer and a former civilian US Army Public Information Officer. She is a regular contributor for a variety of Internet sites. Contact her at rsamples@sirinet.net

© 2004 Sheila Samples

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07 December 2004

Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype at Republican Congressman's Request! 

WHISTLEBLOWER AFFIDAVIT: Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype at
Republican Congressman's Request!

CLAIM: Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) Asked Company to Create E-Vote Fraud



In stunning revelations set to rock the vote from Tallahassee to
Capitol Hill -- and perhaps even a bit further up Pennsylvania Avenue
-- a Florida computer programmer has now made remarkable claims in a
detailed sworn affidavit, signed this morning and obtained exclusively

- Affidavit in .PDF format - (Generously hosted by Raw Story!)

The programmer claims that he designed and built a "vote rigging"
software program at the behest of then Florida Congressman, now U.S.
Congressman, Republican Tom Feeney of Florida's 24th Congressional

Clint Curtis, 46, claims that he built the software for Feeney in 2000
while working at a sofware design and engineering company in Oviedo,
Florida (Feeney's home district).

Curtis, in his affidavit, says that as technical advisor and programmer
at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) he was present at company meetings
where Feeney was present "on at least a dozen occasions".

Feeney, who had run in 1994 as Jeb Bush's running-mate in his initial
unsuccessful bid for Florida Governor, was serving as both corporate
counsel and registered lobbyist for YEI during the period that Curtis
worked at the company. Feeney was also concurrently serving as a
Florida state congressman while performing those services for YEI.
Feeney would eventually become Speaker of the Florida House before
being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. He is now a
member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

At an October 2000 meeting with Feeney, according to the affidavit and
BRAD BLOG interviews with Curtis over the past three days, Feeney
inquired whether the company could build a "vote fraud software

At least three YEI employees are said to have been present at that
meeting; Curtis, company owner, Mrs. Li Woan Yang, and her executive
secretary, Mike Cohen. Two other YEI employees may have come in and out
at different points of the meeting according to Curtis.

Curtis says that Feeney "was very specific in the design and
specifications required for this program."

"He detailed, in his own words, that; (a) the program needed to be
touch-screen capable (b) the user should be able to trigger the program
without any additional equipment (c) the programming to accomplish this
needed to stay hidden even if the source code was inspected."

Though there was no problem with the first two requirements, Curtis
explained to the Congressman that it would be "virtually impossible to
hide such code written to change the voting results if anyone is able
to review the uncompiled source code"

Nonetheless, he was asked at the meeting by Mrs. Yang to build the
prototype anyway.

Curtis, "a life-long Republican" at the time, claims that it was his
initial belief that Feeney's interest was in trying to stop Democrats
from using "such a program to steal an election". Curtis had assumed
that Feeney, "wanted to be able to detect and prevent that if it

Upon delivery of the software design and documentation on CD to Mrs.
Yang, Curtis again explained to her that it would be impossible to hide
routines created to manipulate the vote if anybody would be able to
inspect the precompiled source code.

Mrs. Yang then told him, "You don’t understand, in order to get the
contract we have to hide the manipulation in the source code. This
program is needed to control the vote in South Florida." [emphasis in

Mrs. Yang then took the CD containing the software from Curtis,
reportedly for later delivery to Feeney.

In other meetings with Feeny prior to the 2000 elections, it became
clear to Curtis that Feeney had plans to suppress the vote in strong
Democratic precincts. In the affidavit, Curtis claims that in those
meetings Feeney had "bragged that he had already implemented 'exclusion
lists' to reduce the 'black vote'." Feeney also mentioned that "proper
placement of police patrols could further reduce the black vote by as
much as 25%."

Curtis says that he submitted his resignation to YEI effective December
2000, but stayed on until they had found someone to replace him in
February of 2001. He eventually became employed by the Florida Dept. of
Transportation (FDOT) after leaving YEI.

But the scandals didn't stop there.

In May of 2001, while at FDOT, Curtis and another FDOT employee, Mavis
Georgalis, discovered and then reported several allegations to the
Inspector General at FDOT concerning over-billing by YEI -- who had
been an FDOT contractor -- and software that was never delivered by the
company. Allegations also included the employment of a suspected
illegal alien, Mr. Hai Lin Nee, who worked as YEI's "quality control"

Both Curtis and Georgalis were reportedly harassed after filing their
complaints about malfeasance at YEI and pressure mounted on the FDOT --
purportedly from the powerful Feeney who was still working with YEI --
to have them both fired.

In November 2001, after Curtis filed his complaints at FDOT, both he
and Georgalis' were subsequently sued by YEI "in retaliation" for their
complaints against the company. The charge was "theft of intellectual
property", which Curtis has catagorized as "ridiculous" in interviews,
because the "intellectual property" in question was, in fact, software
that FDOT had long ago paid YEI to develop for them.

YEI was represented in the lawsuit by Congressman Feeney's law firm.
When the two had sought help from FDOT in fighting YEI's suit against
them, they were told that FDOT couldn't help them because FDOT had not
been named in the suit.

After several rounds of court battles, Georgalis was finally successful
in having FDOT added to the suit as a third co-defendant. The suit was
originally filed in Seminole County, but moved to Leon County upon the
addition of FDOT.

In April of 2002 -- on the very same day -- Curtis and Georgalis were
both fired by FDOT without explanation.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported extensively in 2002 on the
case. They reported at the time that Curtis had written to the
Inspector General at FDOT to inquire why no investigation had yet been
made into YEI. As well, Curtis had contacted the Florida Bar, since
Feeney was a member, to inform them that "Feeney has used his position
to promote the profits of Yang Enterprises, from whom he received
compensation under the guise of lobbyist and attorney."

According to The Orlando Sentinel in 2001, of 160 Florida congressmen,
Feeney was the only known registered lobbyist. He would later be
cleared of all ethics violations brought against him in the Florida
house on these matters by the Ethics Committee which included four
Republicans appointed to the committee by Feeney. Curtis was never
interviewed by the Ethics Committee concerning his allegations.

After Curtis and Georgalis were fired by FDOT, each attempted to file
"Whistleblower Suits" in the state of Florida. Georgalis' suit was
successful and FDOT was eventually ordered, after lengthy court
battles, to reinstate her with full back-pay by the circuit court.

Curtis' suit was not successful due to having missed the filing
deadline for the suit.

That suit, filed over three years ago, is still pending. The reason,
explained Curtis, is that YEI has since avoided all defendants attempts
to depose company employees in the case.

By May of 2002, the FDOT had finally taken up the investigation into
malfeasance by YEI.

In one particularly chilling paragraph in the affidavit, Curtis
explains what became of Raymond Lemme, the inspector at FDOT who was
said to be pursing the allegations against YEI, Tom Feeney and the
other reported matters:

"[I]n June of 2003, he told me that he had tracked the corruption 'all
the way to the top' and that the story would break in the next few
weeks and I would be satisfied with the results. A few weeks later, on
July 1st, Mr. Lemme was found dead with his arm slashed in a hotel room
in Valdosta, Georgia."

The death was ruled a suicide by the Valdosta Police. The BRAD BLOG has
obtained and is currently reviewing many official documents related to
Mr. Lemme's death.

Mr. Hai Lin Nee, "the ilegal alien" who had worked at YEI and was
reported by Curtis, was arrested in March of 2004 on espionage charges
which included "shipping radar guidance system chips for Hellfire
Anti-Tank Missiles to a company in Communist China."

Curtis discussed in detail, during our interviews, Mr. Nee having
placed "wiretapping modules" into software code created by the company.
The secret "wiretapping modules", Curtis claims, were to download
information from programs built by YEI for contractors, and then either
copy or send that information via Email back to YEI. Such software,
Curtis claims, was created for companies such as NASA with whom YEI
held substantial contracts.

According to both the Curtis affidavit and email dated November 22,
2004 obtained by The BRAD BLOG, YEI is currently under investigation by
the FBI.

That information was sent to Curtis after he had attempted on several
occassions to notify law enforcement authorities of his seemingly
remarkable story of espionage, possible vote tampering and other
ethical concerns.

In July of this year, in an email we've reviewed which purports to be
from a current YEI employee whose name we are withholding, Curtis was
sent the following message in regard to a book that the employee had
learned Curtis was working on:

They know about the book. You should not have sent it to a bush
supporter. They are going crazy...like they weren't after you already.
So I get to warn you AGAIN. They will do everything thwey [sic] can to
keep it from getting published. They are also going to try to take you
out again. Don't be alone. They specifically want to limit casualities
to just you. As long as they can't catch you alone they won't touch
you. You are such a loser........


In what he describes as "an attempt to get this story out there",
Curtis told part of the tale on a website, www.justaflyonthewall.com
where he has changed the names of some of the specific parties
involved. (e.g. "Wong" is substituted for "Yang" on the site)

Additional charges by Curtis also include that databases and
information were routinely sent by Mrs. Yang to her brother in China
who, Yang had told Curtis on one occasion, had previously been deported
for "being a spy". The BRAD BLOG has not yet been able to confirm the
espionage charges concerning Mrs. Yang's brother.

Curtis' affidavit is being turned over this afternoon to staffers at
the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. An investigation into Curtis' story
is pending.

While we've been working on this story for several days in order to get
it right, we had hoped to hold it a bit longer to confirm a few more of
the details. As well, we had hoped to allow the Judiciary Committee and
others time to comment before making this story widely available.
However, as of late Sunday night, Curtis' story has been reported
elsewhere on the Internet by Wayne Madsen. His detailed account
references an older, very short affidavit that Curtis had made in
regards to the information contained in a self-published book on some
of these matters.

While Madsen's article was independently researched and reported -- and
offers some very good detail in relation to Curtis, YEI, FDOT and
Feeney, much of which that we can confirm -- he then ties those stories
to a much grander CIA/Bush family conspiracy.

While we have looked somewhat cursorily over the last several weeks
into some of the larger matters which Madsen discusses, and has been
reporting on for some time, we cannot confirm any of those grander
details as playing any part in this particular story. While his claims
may be true, The BRAD BLOG has seen no evidence to support them as
being related to the Curtis story at this time.

Frankly, we find the information related in Curtis' sworn affidavit,
and via our interviews with him and others directly related to his
story to be rather stunning as is, and we will stand by our reporting
of those matters at this time.

Given the importance of the many allegations in his story if they are
true -- and we have so far been unable to identify any major holes or
discrepancies in his information -- we thought it necessary to release
the full details contained in this sworn affidavit immediately so that
Curtis' story and the explosive allegations contained therein could be
more accurately assessed.


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