07 November 2004

The Fall of the Infidels 

A Flea Bites Reader Contribution

By Jimor

It is always fearsome when any one political party gains complete and total control of our future. Even more so when the world is staggering like a drunken sailor into a holy war to end all holy wars and that party in control lures us along into the conflict like a Pied Piper with its seductive song of propaganda/patriotism.

"Death to Islam" is beginning to resound as loudly on these shores as is "Death to America" across the windblown sands of the Middle East and Africa.

We no longer have to ask how good Germans could sit by and let a demagogue like Adolf Hitler seduce them into such an evil and hideous course of history. We only have to look at the infamous "Red and Blue Map" of American election results to see the answer. But still we cannot seem to recognize history repeating itself 70 years after the Swastika swept across Europe, trampling millions under the grinding treads of Nazi tanks and artillery.

This is not to say that George W. Bush is the rebirth of Hitler. Nor is it to say he is not.

Across the aisle, Hillary Rodham Clinton is every bit as frightening and Machievellian.

You can see it in their eyes when the cameras aren't on them - darting, cold, beady and scheming.

And on both sides, the "true believers", the "party faithful" scream for blood and yet more blood of the "enemy." The infidels live among us and we want a feeding frenzy. A bloodlust to end all bloodlusts. They must all be purged and our nation purified and made holy.

Like Barrabas, we take up arms, believing the only good infidel is a dead infidel. The only good Democrat a dead Democrat. Or the only good Republican a dead Republican. The only good Arab a dead Arab. The only good nigger a dead nigger. The only good gun owner... well, you get the point. But where does it end?

Meanwhile, a simple carpenter sits quietly on a bench along the parade route of history - a sad and somewhat bemused look on his troubled face. He's been there. He's seen it all before.

He turns to his father and asks, "Father, why not now? Why must you wait? They will only destroy themselves before you intervene."

With kind and sad eyes older than time itself, the old man turns to his son and whispers, "First, they must all show their true colors so that by their deeds they will be known. Not to me, because I already look into their hearts and know who they are and who they serve - but to themselves, so that my children will see themselves mirrored in the faces before them - so THEY will know themselves before that last, final moment comes."

When they came for the Iraqis and Afghans, you were silent. You were not Iraqi or Afghan so it didn't affect you.

Then they came for the Serbs. Again, you were not a Serb and so you looked away again and remained silent. They were, after all, only infidels.

When they came for the Koreans - well, you were not Korean, so you twitched a little uncomfortably and looked away to some sought-after distraction.

Then they came for your neighbors and your co-workers. You paused and trembled just a bit, but you were not them, for they were infidels, civil liberty fanatics who could not accept that our archaic Constitution and Bill of Rights were no longer relevant in this brave new world.

And now they come for you - and there is no one left for you to turn to. They have either all been taken away or they give you just a quick pitying glance before they, too, turn their eyes away ... and await their turn.

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