15 May 2004

Iraq's neighbors wait their chance 

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By Safa Haeri
Asia Times

PARIS - Following decades of Saddam Hussein's unpredictable rule, Iraq's neighbors are now interested in a stable and secure country, and no capital is seriously suggesting the United States-led coalition withdraw its forces immediately. That's just about where agreement ends, however.

Iran is the most populous country bordering Iraq and is also the biggest Shi'ite state in the world. Iran's interests in Iraq, where Shi'ites make up more than 60 percent of the population, are broad, and it has been accused by Washington of sending agents into the country to advance its interests.

Trying to take the maximum advantage from the situation the United States and its leaders face over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, the ayatollahs who rule over Iran have gone on the offensive against the "Great Satan", urging all people over the world, but most particularly the Muslim community, to make "the maximum use" of the "golden" occasion to "tear down the bastion of Western arrogance and corruption on earth".

In a strongly worded article published at the weekend, Hussein Shari'atmadari, a high-ranking intelligence and security services officer appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the executive editor of the hardline daily Keyhan asked whether "divine duty does not urge depriving diplomats and employees of the United States and its allies of safety? Closing oil taps that have a vital importance for America and its allies is not the least action to revenge all the Muslims slaughtered at their hands," he wrote, reflecting the views of senior Iranian ruling clerics.

The first salvo was fired last week by Khamenei when, during a speech to the International Conference on Islamic Unity that coincided with the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed, he criticized Islamic nations for doing nothing to "stop the United States and Zionist circles plundering Muslims' wealth".

Commenting on the incident, an Iranian journalist told Asia Times Online: "It was like the Titanic. This is a god's gift to the Iranian leaders, for, from now on, it would be very difficult for the Americans, or even the Europeans, to blame them for violating not only human rights, but also their controversial nuclear projects."

General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the commander of the ayatollahs' Praetorian Guard, said: "America has targeted the heart of the world of Islam and intends to devour the wealth of the region, and in so doing will resort to anything, and unity among Muslims is the only way out." He added: "Enemies of Islam want to bring under their control an area stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia, including the cities of Mecca and Medina. Enemies [of Islam] have covetous designs on underground resources of the Islamic countries and the wealth of the region, and are committing the most horrendous crimes against the defenseless Muslim people of Iraq."

Adel Darwish is a political commentator based in London and one of the authors of the book Unholy Babylon: The Secret History of Saddam's War. Darwish told Free Europe/Radio Liberty that Iran is concerned about the future political role of the Shi'ite majority in Iraq, as well as by how long US forces remain in Iraq.

"[Iranians] are very concerned that any future dispute, any regime that is installed there, might be used as a front line against them - the same way as West Germany was a front line against the Soviet bloc in the Cold War. That might not be true or a correct analysis, but that's actually their perception," Darwish said.

Julian Lindley-French, a security expert at the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Switzerland, said Iran would like to see someone like Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in power because it would reflect the vision of the conservative leaders in Tehran. "In an ideal situation, they would like someone like Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani in power because the conservative mullahs, the clerics in Tehran, could probably do business with him," he said.

However, French said the fact that Iranians are not Arabs limits their ability to influence what is happening in Iraq and in the wider Middle East.

Darwish noted that Iran, which fought a bitter war with Iraq in the 1980s, still has several unresolved historical disputes with Baghdad. One is a border dispute concerning the Shaff al-Arab waterway. Another stems from Iraqi Kurd aspirations to create an autonomous Kurdish state. Darwish said Tehran fears Iranian Kurds might be encouraged to seek more autonomy, too.

Turkey, another non-Arab Muslim country and a close ally of the United States, is also concerned about the future status of Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey strongly opposes Kurdish statehood and fears further aspirations for autonomy will cause unrest in Turkey itself, which has a large Kurdish population. Turkey also is a close observer of the situation of the Turkoman minority in Iraq, whose status might be used as a bargaining chip to oppose Kurdish aspirations.

Darwish said other Turkish concerns in Iraq are largely economic. Ankara wants stability so that economic cooperation and trade can be renewed. "A large part of the Turkish economy relies on trade from northern Iraq and central Iraq and the oil pipeline going through Turkey," he said. "So they are very interested in having a stable Iraq, but if Iraq is fragmented, they always have the Turkoman minority card to play."

Turkey also occupies a strategic geographical position at the gateway to Europe.

At the weekend some 20,000 people rallied in Istanbul to protest against the US-led occupation of Iraq and the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, burning an effigy of Bush. The protesters, mostly supporters of pro-Islamic groups or parties, also burned US, British and Israeli flags and dollar bills and called for a national boycott of American goods.

A majority of Turks in the predominantly Muslim country opposed the war in Iraq, and the government refused to send troops to assist the US. An increase in anti-US sentiment in the country could strengthen the hand of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist-based party, and Turkey is also the only Muslim nation to belong to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Other neighbors
Saudi Arabia, Iraq's largest neighbor, is a conservative Sunni state. French said that, while the Saudi royal family wouldn't necessarily like to see Shi'ite rule in Iraq, Riyadh desires a stable neighbor most of all.

But not everyone in Saudi Arabia agrees. Darwish noted that the royal family does not fully control Saudi society, especially its different religious groups. "It might not be necessarily the Saudi royal family, but as you see in Saudi Arabia, the royal family is not in full control of the religious elements there, and those religious elements are facilitating the volunteers, what we call foreign fighters in Iraq, with Wahhabi ideology, with links to al-Qaeda," he said.

Jordan is another influential Sunni state, a US ally, and Iraq's neighbor to the west. A Hashemite king, Abdullah II, rules the kingdom. Jordan also wants stability in Iraq and seeks to renew economic cooperation and trade through Jordanian ports. As such, it is trying to downplay the prison scandal.

Darwish believes Jordan would prefer to see a Hashemite monarchy in Baghdad. "Jordan's interest would be served best with a stable Iraq under monarchy," he said. "Whether someone from King Hussein's family would do it or Sharif Ali [bin al-Hussein, a cousin of former Iraqi King Faisal II] or someone else is a secondary question." Darwish pointed out that Jordan is not united on the subject because many Palestinians, who make up half the population, support the anti-US insurgency in Iraq and have their own agenda.

Kuwait, which was invaded by Iraq in 1990, is also interested in a stable Iraqi state and will always be supportive of US and British projects there, Darwish said.

As for Syria, the US imposed sanctions on Damascus on Tuesday for its alleged support for terrorism, its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, and for its failure to stop anti-US fighters from entering Iraq. It is not clear how Syria's policies toward Baghdad will be affected by the US move.

Julian Lindley-French said all of Iraq's neighbors want US forces to stay in the country, at least for the near future. He said all states, including Iran, clearly understand that a hasty departure would create instability in the region. "I don't think they want the Americans out of Iraq until things are far more stable in Iraq," he said. "If the Americans withdraw from Iraq when there's chaos - if there's chaos - then that has security implications for Syria, for Saudi Arabia, in particular, for the Gulf states, for Jordan. None of them want that instability."

French said it is no surprise that Iraq's neighbors do not share a common vision of Iraq's future when the United States and Britain also lack such a perspective. However, he says the situation on the ground is leading everyone to search for more pragmatic solutions.

And events like the abuse of Iraqi prisoners can only help to polarize views.

(Additional reporting by Valentinas Mite of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.)

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Crossing the moral line 

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Radio Netherlands

After seeing more photos showing abusive treatment of Iraqi prisoner by US troops, lawmakers in Washington have stressed the need for stricter US adherence to international rules on the treatment of detainees.

They noted the brual treatement flouted international rights standards and said even interrogation methods sanctioned by the Pentagon often cross the line.

Although President George W. Bush has apologised for what happened, he's continued to give his support to US defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Theo van Boven is a Dutch professor of international law and the United Nation's special rapporteur against Torture. In an interview with Radio Netherlands, he says so far Mr Bush is refusing to accept full responsibility for the scandal.

"I'm very concerned that the US is treating this as a sort of aberration, as something like a few apples that are rotten, and that this is not their system. But I think what the United States should do is really change the system of detention. The system allows this to happen, not just a few people."

RN: "How would the US need to do to change the system?"

"Well, I think under the prevailing system, there are thousands of people who are being detained without charge and without any access to legal assistance. Even their names are secret, which is against all the basic rules and rights relating to the protection of detainees."

RN: "Do you believe that this is torture?"

"Yes, it's torture. Of course, the dividing line between torture and cruel and inhumane and degrading treatment is a thin one, but both are prohibited under international law and also under the US constitution."

RN: "But can you understand why there has been a discussion about whether this should be deemed torture or whether this is in some ways necessary to extract the information the United States needs?"

"This is of course a moot point, but of course in according with international human rights law and humanitarian law, torture and inhuman and cruel treatment is forbidden in all circumstances. Necessity doesn't count and so this is a wrong discussion."

RN: "Where do you thing the buck stops for these sort of cases? Does it stop with the president?"

"Certainly it goes up to the highest political levels, and the president and his defence secretary of course have acknowledged it and have expressed a certain regret, but what is expected now it that they take forceful action against this and change the prevailing system."

RN: "And should the United Nations be involved in this?"

"That would be useful. The ICRC has been monitoring this. But I think the matter is of such importance and is so systematic that we cannot leave this to confidential monitoring and reporting. The UN usually makes its reports public, so it's important that there'll be independent monitors who publicise their findings."

RN: "What do you make of the criticism coming from some Arab nations of what has gone on here? After all, isn't the abuse by US troops quite similar to the treatment that prisoners get in Arab jails?"

"Well, the tragedy is now that since the United States, the United Kingdom and other western countries pretend they are civilised nations, and that they should give an example when it comes to the treatment of people, that now the Arab countries can say "if they're doing it, why should we be blamed for doing it?' So, it has a very negative effect, also on other countries?"

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14 May 2004


Government to ask about constraints on Hicks's lawyers
The Federal Government says it has taken action in Washington to find out what restraints have been placed on the lawyers of the suspected Taliban fighter David Hicks to prevent them revealing details of any abuse he has suffered in Guantanamo Bay.

Blurred vision a symptom of unipolar disorder
Australia must readdress the issue of American power and its role in fostering world order, writes Chris Reus-Smit.
A cornerstone of Howard foreign policy is the primacy of American power in world politics and the need for Australia to secure ever closer relations with Washington. No other recent AUSTRALIAN government has placed such faith in the unbounded nature of American power, or in the rationality of American policy makers.

The risks for Australia in Howard's way
The PM's attachment to George Bush is blinkered to the point of being irresponsible, writes Chris Reus-Smit.

A cornerstone of the Howard Government's foreign policy is the primacy of American power in world politics and the need for Australia to secure ever closer relations with Washington. No other recent Australian government has placed such faith in the unbounded nature of US power, or in the rationality of American policymakers.

About face: Afghans on Nauru to be let in
The Government has belatedly granted refugee status to 15 Afghan asylum seekers detained on Nauru and is likely to do the same for most of the 180 others still held on the island.

New president, same grotesque abuse of power
he pornography of Iraqi prisoner abuse reflects the pornography of US Middle East policy. And if you think hacking off some poor bugger's head, on television, is the pits in human behaviour you've forgotten those Vietnam War images of a screaming, naked girl child ravaged by napalm. Thirty-three years ago, on April 22, 1971, former naval lieutenant John Kerry, who served in Vietnam for six months in 1968-69, testified before a congressional committee in Washington.

Homegrown royal new jewel in the crown
With a soundly delivered "ja", the remarkeable journey of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Australian commoner to European crown princess ended when she and her prince exhanged marriage vowes in Copenhagen Cathedral last night.

PM's people smuggling claim 'wrong'
There was no evidence to back government claims that releasing children from immigration detention would encourage people smugglers, Human Rights Commissioner Sev Ozdowski said today.

A Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission investigation found Australia breached the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by locking up children and failing to protect their health and welfare.

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America's military coup 

Donald Rumsfeld has a new war on his hands - the US officer corps has turned on the government

Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, told George Bush in February about torture at Abu Ghraib prison. From the limited detail Rumsfeld recalled of that meeting, it can be deduced that Bush gave no orders, insisted on no responsibility, did not ask to see the already commissioned Taguba report. If there are exculpatory facts, Rumsfeld has failed to mention them.

See Rummy Spin. Spin, Rummy, Spin.
To hear Don Rumsfeld tell it, even though the Bush administration had been told back in January about the abuse and torture going on at Abu Ghraib — and that there were photos documenting it — the idea that this might be a very bad thing didn’t really hit home until recently because no one in the White House had actually laid eyes on the photos.

Thread of Abuse Runs to the Oval Office
Phony justifications for war led to brutal intelligence-gathering techniques
Someone's lying – big-time – and neither Congress nor the media have begun to scratch the surface. Clearly we now know enough to stipulate that the several low-ranking alleged sadists charged in the Iraq torture scandal did not control the wing of the prison in which they openly and proudly did the devil's work.

Hastert rips White House
Caucus applauds as Speaker voices his frustrations
Republicans on the Hill are so frustrated with the White House that when Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) criticized the administration at a House GOP meeting last week, the caucus burst into applause.

Bush aide tells Kerry to lay off
Blaming president for Iraq scandal is exploitative, he says
Highlighting the political stakes of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, President Bush's campaign chairman accused Sen. John Kerry Wednesday of going "way beyond the bounds of appropriate conduct'' by blaming the abuses on the "arrogance'' of Bush's Iraq policy.

Hear the benefits of privatizing the military (flash)

Poll: Support For War At New Low
(CBS) News of the abuse charges against American soldiers appears to have exacerbated what were already growing American concerns about the situation in Iraq. While most Americans do not think the abuse was widespread, they agree it was unjustified, even though two-thirds say what happened to the Iraqi prisoners was no worse than what Iraqis have done to Americans in this war.

Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'Sins' - Father
The father of Nick Berg, the American beheaded in Iraq, directly blamed President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday for his son's death.
"My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this," Berg said in an interview with radio station KYW-AM.

US mutual fund plans to dump contractors in Iraq prison scandal
Two US contractors whose staff allegedly worked in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison may be dumped from an index of socially responsible companies, Calvert mutual funds said.

Wave of mental problems follows GIs home
Soldiers at Fort Carson report a wave of serious mental problems among troops back from the "war on terrorism," according to interviews with soldiers, their families and a therapist working with them.

Blair urged to loosen ties with US
Senior figures across the Labour party are intensifying pressure on Tony Blair to publicly detach himself from the Bush administration, calling on him to spell out an independent British position on the Middle East, peacekeeping in Iraq and the US presidential election.

'Guantanamo abuse' alleged
The Australian Government has said it will investigate allegations that one of its citizens has been abused while in US detention at Guantanamo Bay.

Red Cross slams Guantanamo abuses
The International Committee of the Red Cross has issued a report criticising the detention of suspects at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba.

opinion: Farhan Bokhari: Inside Afghan prisons, US abuses are shrouded in mystery
The scandalous treatment of Iraqi prisoners by United States military personnel and the series of condemnations surrounding key US officials, most notably Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, are too significant to be ignored easily. But one essential danger flowing from recent revelations surrounding the actions of American military personnel in Iraq is that similar mistreatment of prisoners in US custody in Afghanistan could have occurred on the same proportion. And perhaps this was easily overlooked.

Brutality starts at home
On April 30, US President George W Bush condemned the incidents of Iraq prison abuse and those who perpetrated them, saying: "That's not the way we do things in America." Administration officials have launched a campaign to portray the incidents as isolated aberrations; though, "systemic" abuse has been charged by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Amnesty International claims a "pattern of torture". But while an army report has described the "sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses" of Iraqi prisoners - including sodomy and other physical assaults - no one has yet dared compare this to America's well documented abuse of its own citizens, and the factors driving abuse at home and abroad.

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"Television is altering the meaning of "being informed" by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation... Disinformation does not mean false information. It means misleading information - misplaced, irrelevant, fragmented or superficial information - information that creates the illusion of knowing something, but which in fact leads one away from knowing." ~~ Neil Postman

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The Children of Ft. Bragg 

Myra Kinderknecht, SMSgt, USAF {AirNationalGuard}, (ret)

I am compiling a list of ALL THE MURDERS, CHILD MURDERS, CHILD SEX ABUSE, AND CHILD PORNOGRAPHY etc which made the news and is still available on the internet. Just for example, here's some of the horror I've found using the internet. Imagine what I could find if I was the Pentagon with their authority, power, money, and equipment!!!!!!!!!!! I have listed the news articles where the information was taken from.

Some of these involve the torture and murder of small children
committed by Ft Bragg Soldiers soldiers.

Victim: Brittany Locklear, 5 years old murdered(?); 8 yr old and elderly grandmother raped by Ft Bragg Soldier

Sgt Michael Reed

Date of news article: October 1, 2001, April 4, 2002 ABC News 11

Kidnapped from bus stop January 1998. Authorities are very interested in a Ft Bragg Soldier who was recently charged with sexually assaulting an elderly woman on post . Sgt Michael Reed is also accused of kidnapping and raping an 8 year old girl from a Fayetteville school bus stop on August 22. (year ?) date of article, October 1, 2001. Sgt Michael Reed sentenced to life in prison for raping a little girl and an elderly woman. Also reduced in rank and given a dishonorable discharge.

Victim: Shalamar Franceschi, spouse, kidnapped, raped and murdered

Date of news article: January 22, 2002, September 25, 2002 ABC News 11

Ft Bragg soldier Damian Franceschi jailed in December 2001 for raping his wife then holding his infant son and mother-in-law hostage. Days after his ’release’ he slit his wife’s throat and stabbed her several times in the Talleywood Shopping Center. Shalamar Franceschi had asked civilian court for restraining order 2 weeks before but court denied it and she was kidnapped and raped by her husband, Damian Franceschi, Ft Bragg soldier. Shalamar's mother, Maria Carruthers, called the commander's hotline for help in November and told them her daughter's life was being threatened by husband. Ft Bragg said they ordered Franceshi to stay 100 meters away from his wife and sent him through the Resolve Program, a course for perpetrators of domestic violence; but sources close to the case said Franceschi either failed or dropped out of the course.

Victim: children - pornography, sex with a child

Date of news article: April 30, 2002

Staff Sergeant Thomas Stanley, Ft Bragg Special Operations soldier, arrested in October 2001 for having sex with a child. Arrested April 20 2002 and charged with 20 counts of child exploitation. Sgt David Bloomfield said charges based on computer images (thousands).

Victim: Jawan Terry 4 month old baby - felony child abuse .. broken bones and brain swelling.

Date of news article: May 23, 2002

Ft Bragg soldier Jeff Albright and his wife, Tanisha Terry, charged with child abuse. Investigator said Albrights hands were the weapons used to try and kill his 4 month old step-son. Albright also charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Antonio Golden, neighbor, saw burn marks and bruises on baby and called the Ft Bragg chain of command but said “you know it was flim-flam, nothing really happened.” A babysitter late Tuesday night took infant to Womack Army Hospital. Albright and Terry are members of a medical brigade at Ft Bragg.

Victim: Mentally retarded 13 year old girl raped and impregnated

Date of news article: May 30, 2002, ABC News 11

Ft Bragg soldier, Master Sergeant Steve Louis Roberts raped the 13 year old mentally retarded child.

Victim: Jared Green, 5 years old, murdered - duct-taped to chair and left in a closet where he died

Date of news article: July 10, 2002, ABC News 11, December 3, 2003 ABC News 11

--this article did not identify Michael Green as a Ft Bragg soldier WHY? --

They, Alexandra Goehl (girlfriend) and Michael Green duct taped his chest, waist and legs to a chair with a plastic bag around his bottom and his head - because he went to the bathroom in his pants. He was forced to drink water and injected with large amounts of water and had to sit in his own urine as punishment for not being able to control his bladder. Goehl moved Jared into a closet and left him there for more than 18 hours, he got sick.. was unbound and eventually died. Goehl used to work in a daycare. Both charged with capital murder. December 2003 Green pleaded to 2nd degree murder and felonious child abuse. Army Sergeant Michael Green, 82nd Airborne, Ft Bragg, sentenced to between 14 to 18 years in prison for beating and torture death of his 5 year old son. His girl friend Alexandra Goehl pleaded to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 13 to 16-1/2 years in prison.

Victim: 5 month old child abused, leg broken

Date of news article: August 27, 2002, ABC News 11

Military couple, Derrick David Leomiti charged with failure to prevent child abuse in his home and 28 yr old Ester Tuiasopo charged with breaking her child’s left leg. More than 250 child abuse cases this year and 100 of those linked to the military.

Victim: 17 month old baby boy Brinson (son) beaten by parents

Date of news article: October 17, 2002 ABC News 11

Ft Bragg military couple, Gregory and Arrissa Brinson beat their 17 month old son. The Army couple’s arrest was on same day as a workshop on preventing domestic violence wrapped up at Ft Bragg. Fort Bragg spokesman, Col Tad Davis said “What will come out of this process is a list of issues that we need to resolve so we will continue to work those issues as a task force organizations.” According to the sheriff department figures, nearly half their child abuse cases involve military families. Fayetteville pop. 126,000 Ft Bragg pop; 47,000 soldiers.

Victim: Children raped by soldier - 30 counts of sex abuse of a child

Date of article: January 22, 2003

Ft Bragg soldier, Sgt. Keith John Lang, age 35, assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the U. S. Army Special Operations, was charged with felony rape and sexual office of a minor, occurring between November 1999 and April 2002. 4 felony counts of first degree rape of a child, 4 counts of felony sexual offense of a child and 18 counts of felony statutory rape and sexual office of a girl between age 13 and 15.

Victim: 13 year old girl

Date of article: February 25, 2003, WRAL

Ft Bragg soldier, E-2, William Jasper Connelly, Charlie Battery, 3/27th Field Artillery Regiment charged with 6 counts of statutory rape of a child.

Victim: Children - 20 counts of child exploitation, indecent liberties with a child

Date of article: March 7, 2003 WRAL; April 30, 2002 newspaper article, March 10, 2003 ABC News11

Ft Bragg Special Forces soldier, E-8 B Company 3rd of the 7th Special Forces group, Ft Bragg, Thomas Stanley, 31, charged with 20 counts of child exploitation. March 2003 - charged with 3 counts of indecent liberties with a child. Thousand of child pornography images on his computer.

Victim: Andrea Sophia Chavarria 23 months old, murdered - severe trauma to her entire body

Date of article: August 8, 2003, ABC News 11

Ft Bragg green beret, Daniel Carlson, 34 years old, charged with murder and felony child abuse of his step-daughter and Karla Maria Chavarria charged with murder and felony abuse of her baby daughter. Both are charged with murder and abuse. The brutal abuse and hideous life of brutality at the hands of her step-father was prevalent.

Victim: Children - child pornography - sexual exploitation of minors

Date of article: November 26, 2003, ABC News 11, March 10, 2004, nbc17news

Former Ft Bragg active duty medical officer Corey Gilliland arrested for possessing child pornography. Gilliland earned his medical degree in 1999 and he was in the Army at that time. Shortly after, He reported to Ft Bragg as a member of the 7th Special Forces Group. He left the Army in May 2003. He had downloaded 20 pornographic photos showing young girls, 8 to 15 years old, either nude or engaged in sex acts. . Dr. Gilliland was working at a Primary Care Plus Clinic for just a few weeks. He lived with his wife and 1 year old stepdaughter and infant son. His wife turned him in. A judge made his bail unsecured under the condition that Gilliland live in Mesa, Ariz and check in once a week with his lawyer, Mike Williford.
Victim: Baby son - 34 month old

Date of article: December 30, 2003, WRAL

Ft Bragg Spc. Rebecca Marie Toney charged with one count of felony child abuse. Investigators said Toney took her 34 month old son to Womack Army Hospital on November 15h with burns to his feet. Child had second and third degree burns on his feet. Doctors determined that the burns were the result of immersion into a hot liquid.

Victim: John Junior, 9 weeks old . severe head injuries; felony child abuse

Date of article: January 6, 2004, ABC News 11, WRAL

Ft Bragg parachute rigger, John Wayne Murphy caused severe head injuries to his 9 week old son. Soldier Murphy is also being charged with attempted first-degree murder. Authorities said Murphy’s son had to be taken to the hospital on two other occasions. Hospital officials said the infant is in critical condition. Doctors later had to perform emergency surgery to save his life.

Victim: children 31 sex charges filed

Date of article: April 15, 2004, WRAL, April 15, 2004, nbc17

Sgt 1st Class Scott Kendrick Miller, Ft Bragg, 3rd Special Forces, faces 31 charges, including indecent liberties with a child, second and third deree sexual exploitation of a minor. Child pornography found on his computer. Alleged victims are sisters, ages 11 and 14 and abuse allegedly lasted 9 months. Miller is divorced and has two boys of his own.

Victim: Brinklee Allen, 2 years old

Date of article: April 23 and 28, 2004, WRAL

Ft Bragg Soldier, Douglas Allen 23, charged with felony child abuse for allegedly beating 2 year old Brinklee Allen unconscious and she is in critical condition at the hospital. Three new charges were added for alleged past abuse.

Victim: Tabitha Croom, 23 - murdered and body found on Ft Bragg near Soldier Nelson’s barracks

Date of article: March 26 and March 31, 2004, WRAL, AP

Ft Bragg Special Operations soldier Forest Nelson III assigned to the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion, charged with killing Tabitha Croom in 1999. Tabitha’s was last seen October 4, 199 when she went to a movie with Nelson. Her body was found December 26, 1999. Army Investigators believed Nelson had killed Croon according to a memo from investigaors to 87th MP Det at Ft Bragg, but they didn’t charge him. Nelson left the Army February 2002; with an honorable discharge even though he was a suspect according to the sheriff’s department and moved to Washington DC where he worked as a security guard. Another article stated that his commander stopped the investigation due to the recent reported spousal murders and he was subsequently honorably discharged while still a suspect..

Victim: Miparet Seawong Marecek murdered

Date of article: August 19, 2003 ABC News 11

Army Colonel George Maracek, was a Green Beret and decorated veteran of Korean and Vietnam conflicts. released from prison 12 years after death of wife in 1991. Col Marecek was convicted in 2000 of second degree murder of his wife. The evidence showed that 42 year old Viparet Marecek was afraid for her safety and told a friend to call police if she didn’t return home to Fayetteville from the beach. Col Mareck took out an insurance policy on his wife shortly before her death. After her death he married a cousin from his native Czech Republic. Do the math: Convicted in 2000; released in 2003 then paroled (NC prison).

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