07 December 2006

Where is The Flea? 

Truth is, I got tired of "preaching to the converted". The Flea retired and has taken up meditation. Too many photos of dead babies. Too many lies and too many people biting, hook like and singer, into the lies.

The Democrats have the ball but it is so hard to tell any difference, other than two falls from grace.

The mad man in the whitehouse still hold the leash to his lap dog little johnny and David Hicks still sits in gitmo.

The mind can only see so much before it becomes jaded. When the tears stop wanting to flow it is time to pull back and renew ones capasity for compassion.

Have I given up the fight for truth, justice and the great Australian Dream? Heck no. But I found there are other issues closer to home where I can make a difference.

Thanks for allowing me to be the Flea.

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31 July 2006

Stop Killing Babies! 

A Petition To: Australian Prime Minister John Howard & Members of Australian Parliament

We, the undersigned Citizens and Residents of Australia and the World, stand together to condemn the atrocities being committed by the Israeli military against the peoples of Lebanon, and call on Prime Minister John Howard and his Government to stand together with us and call for an immediate cease fire by BOTH sides of this conflict.

The brutal bombing and invasion of Lebanon is an act of Israeli state terrorism, Israel’s indiscriminate bombing if civilian targets in Lebanon is a serious violation of Human Rights, and constitutes another terrifying example of the heightened reliance on military force by both Israel and the United States in their ongoing struggle for hegemony in the Middle East.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in Lebanon including many children, and scores are missing. The number of refugees is estimated at more than half a million and rising. The attacks on Lebanon’s infrastructure – power stations, factories, bridges, and ports – will take decades to rebuild. The people of Lebanon are already weary from reconstructing their country after years of civil war and the last ruinous Israeli invasion in 1982. Israel has proven that it has no concern for the lives of the innocent by its attack on UN outposts, Red Cross convoys and fleeing civilians.

There is no military solution to the current crisis. War and occupation threaten all life in the region and around the world - and will never bring security to anyone. We call for an immediate cease-fire against Lebanon.

Given the vacuum of political leadership from the governments of the world in the face of U.S. and Israeli intransigence, we feel it is incumbent on ordinary citizens to organize and support peaceful means for bringing economic and political pressure on Israel to end its assault on Lebanon and also on the Palestinian territories. It is urgent that individuals and non-governmental groups apply such means until Israel fully complies with international law and respects the fundamental human rights of all people.

While we unequivocally condemn the killing of civilians in Israel, it must be recognized that Israel's destructive and expansionist policies are primarily to blame for the perpetual "Middle East crisis.” To call Israeli atrocities in Gaza and Lebanon simply a “disproportionate response” helps justify Israeli war crimes by making Israel the victim and obscuring both the short and long-term sources of this catastrophic violence.

We call on Mr Howard to demand an immediate end to the assault on civilians and the destruction of Lebanon, as we realize that by his silence in this matter he makes each and every Australian complicit in the deaths of innocents and the destruction of a country.

Please sign this petition by clicking on the link below …..


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20 July 2006


JR and The Flea are relocating to YourDemocracy. Please look for us there. Thank you for your support.

The Flea

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16 July 2006

"aussie tony" fingered ..... 

‘Downing Street was last night plunged into panic amid claims Lord Levy had pointed the finger of suspicion at Tony Blair following his arrest over the 'cash-for-peerages' inquiry.

In an emergency summit with party chairman Hazel Blears following his arrest last week, Levy insisted he would tell everything he knew about Labour's secret loans operation, even if his revelations propelled the Prime Minister further into the spotlight.

Scotland on Sunday understands Levy's police statements will make clear Blair was central to the campaign to secure multi-million-pound loans from supporters, and that he was well aware the transactions could look politically questionable.

The party hierarchy is now terrified Levy's evidence will bolster attempts to establish a crucial link between the operation to sign up 10 secret loans worth £14m for party coffers, and the decision to nominate four of the lenders as Labour peers.’

Downing Street Panics As Levy Points Finger At Blair

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Israeli Jets 'incinerate' family 

"My God, my God. I can't make out the faces of my children. They are burnt black... Which ones are my children? My God, Israel is the enemy of mankind."

ELEVEN children and seven adults were killed overnight in southern Lebanon, their bodies consumed by flames when an Israeli warplane opened fire on the convoy they were in, UN peacekeepers and hospital sources said.

Their charred remains were extracted from the wreckage of the minibus and car they were travelling in and taken to hospital.

A doctor, Ali Zeineddine, said they were burned alive.

"It is very difficult to identify the bodies or to distinguish between girls or boys, as the 18 victims perished from the fire triggered by incendiary shells. They grilled," he said.

The IDF (Israeli Defence Force) regrets civilian casualties

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14 July 2006

speaking ill of the dead ..... 

It’s often been said that it’s inappropriate to speak ill of the dead.

But during Ken Lay’s funeral yesterday, the Reverend Dr. Bill Lawson gave new meaning to that tradition.

The crazy Reverend compared Ken Lay with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr & Jesus Christ, & said “his name would eventually be cleared."

"History has a way of vindicating people who have been wronged." said Lawson.

We can only wonder how comfortable two of history’s greatest peace activists would feel about being associated with the recently departed convicted scamster.

& so much for history …

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12 July 2006

update from hell ..... 

‘Pretend you live in Iraq. The day starts, as it usually does, with you wondering what will happen because of the bombings and killings the day before. Several members of a Shiite family were mowed down by gunmen in the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad yesterday, and three others were shot to death in an ice cream shop. A Sunni cleric was shot to death yesterday, and several people died when a Baghdad mosque was bombed. Four children were killed by mortars in the capital. Outside Baghdad, three US Marines died when their convoy was bombed in al-Anbar.

You hear about all this - Shiites killing Sunnis, Sunnis killing Shiites, the mosque getting bombed and the Marines getting killed - and you know what you knew the day before, and the day before that: someone, somewhere is going to try to exact revenge today for the mayhem of yesterday. It could be Shiite revenge, Sunni revenge or American revenge, but the arc always arrives at the same spot. Someone is going to die today, and you hope it isn't you.

You attempt to go about your business, but that is hardly a simple task. Every neighborhood you pass through is barricaded and patrolled by "neighborhood governments" who are armed to the teeth and murderously distrustful of outsiders. Kidnappings happen all the time. Islamic fundamentalists, once a rarity in Iraq, now patrol the streets doling out punishment to anyone deemed to be dressed improperly.”

A Day In The Life

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09 July 2006

crazy uncle pat ..... 

‘US evangelical leader Pat Robertson labels Islam, "a bloody, brutal kind of religion," on the Christian Broadcasting Corporation’s televised 700 Club. Commentator Ann Coulter writes in the Jewish World Review that "[T]he government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport." Civilized people would like to believe that Coulter is an anomalous hatemeister, lurking from the shadows of an ill-designed blogsite, with iron crosses and ads for assault knives in the sidebars. But Coulter is a welcome guest on cable TV giants like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, and her column is syndicated by UPI.

James Madison, a founding father and fourth president of the United States, wrote, "When tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." For the sake of the republic, Madison would have been unswayed by the tinhorn patriotism and the anti-Muslim (in effect, anti-American) rants of today’s media.’

America, Is Your Soul Dead?

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